Respiratory Health

F. M. Alexander was originally known as an expert on breathing. His lessons promoted freedom throughout the torso, allowing the many muscles that are naturally part of respiration to restore easy coordination. Mr. Alexander said, “I do not claim to have discovered any new method of breathing, but to understand the only true one- Nature’s.” Anyone interested in improving their respiratory functioning can benefit from lessons in the Alexander Technique.

Singers and actors are enthusiastic about the technique because it does not encumber them with a new method of breathing. Instead they learn a balanced use of head, neck and torso that enables a full flexible use of the entire breathing mechanism. They experience greater breathing capacity as well as overall freedom of movement which allows them to extend their expressive range.

The Alexander Technique has proven to be helpful for countering asthma attacks. No matter what the trigger, the anxiety and inappropriate reactions it engenders is a major component in the sufferer’s symptoms. Gasping for breath creates tension in shoulders, neck and torso and prolongs an attack. This inappropriate reaction is replaced with a conscious, calming release through out the head, neck and spine so that normal respiration can return.

respiratoryEnhanced respiratory muscular function in normal adults after lessons in proprioceptive musculoskeletal education without exercises.
Austin JH, Ausubel P