Chronic Pain

The Alexander Technique is a safe and effective way to reduce pain and regain mobility. Whether the pain is caused by injury, disease or poor body mechanics, learning to decrease strain and optimize movement helps manage or alleviate pain. This is not a form of therapy and does not promise cures for medical problems. Instead it addresses critical aspects of pain reduction through psycho-physical education.

barbara-maloney-chronic-painMuscles tend to tighten in areas of pain as a form of protection. This is helpful only as a short term response. In the longer term this tension immobilizes joints, interferes with breathing, and impairs movement efficiency. Excess tension causes ever greater compensatory efforts that contribute to fatigue and wear and tear through out the body. This is the beginning of what can become a rapid decline in health and quality of life.

It is possible to reverse this process. Lessons in the Alexander Technique enable you to release muscle tension and redirect effort to promote mobility, strength and more fluid movement. Students also gain greater physical awareness that allows them to notice how the quality of their actions affects how they feel. Lessons are entirely safe and based upon the movement range that is part of a student’s daily activities.

The Alexander Technique is not a treatment, which is passively received. It is a skill you acquire that will support you in all of your activities. You become your own movement expert. This type of self awareness can make a vital difference for anyone suffering with a chronic condition.

Chronic Pain:How the Alexander Technique can Help
By Joan Arnold & Hope Gillerman with Terry Zimmerer