Back Problems

Back problems can be caused by poor body mechanics, injury or disease. No matter what the cause, regaining the greatest possible flexibility and strength is critical to supporting recovery and overall health. To do this without risk of further damage we need to minimize strain and prevent unnecessary compression of the spine. The Alexander Technique focuses on these essential aspects in lessons tailored to the needs of each student.

backOur unique upright posture is based on musculoskeletal systems of support and suspension. With back pain it is all too common that we unwittingly interfere with the efficiency of this design by holding and tightening in an effort to protect ourselves. We would be better protected by learning to recover the balance and coordination that are inherent in our structure.

To begin we learn to reduce tension and regain the physical awareness that deteriorates when muscles are overworked. We discover how to unlock the dynamic balance of head, neck, and back in order to establish a more balanced use of our musculature. This allows for the recovery of the free and easy interplay of support and suspension that our skeletal structure is designed to provide. Sitting and standing become lighter and yet more grounded. This is critical for those suffering with disc and spine problems whether they are caused by poor habits or injury. Just as importantly you will experience, and learn to trust, that free and balanced movement, not holding, is the path to full recovery.

The New York Times June 3, 2009 Health, Consults