Whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete, training is not simply a matter of knowing what to do. You need to know how to do it. Working smarter instead of just harder will improve your skill level and prevent wear and tear to muscles and joints. Training is more rewarding when you know how to use your mind to make the most of your body. A teacher of the Alexander Technique brings awareness to these aspects of training.

When using force and effort it is essential that there is balanced support for the action and that motion is not constrained. Often the difference between needless effort and productive force can be found in our posture. If we distort our natural alignment we will waste energy, reduce stamina and put ourselves at risk of injury.

Unfortunately, many of us are not able to accurately sense the patterns of tension that reinforce poor posture and increased effort. We may begin to feel that this type of overworking is necessary; convincing ourselves that greater tension equates to greater force. It would be far healthier to reduce pressure on the joints and learn to maximize efficiency and balance. That is the goal of the Alexander Technique; proper neuromuscular coordination that builds awareness, flexibility and strength.

Undoubtedly you get better results when your mind is in the game. This is equally true for your workout. Focus, accurate kinesthetic sensing, and clear intention of action build better results faster and reduce the risk of injury.

The Alexander Technique-A Gift for Sports People
By Michael Stenning