Doctors are in agreement that arthritis sufferers need to keep moving because the best way to keep a joint healthy is to use it. This is not easy when you are in pain. With the Alexander Technique you can learn to ease your pain and protect your joints by reducing compression and balancing forces that act on the joint.
Alexander Technique lessons are designed for the needs of each student, using everyday movements that stay within their range of comfort. A teacher is not there to challenge your range of motion but to teach you how to optimize the functioning of your joints. The mobility of your joints will increase as you learn to move with less compression.

Lessons also improve joint alignment. Even subtle skewing of the angles at which your joints meet can cause damage. Because the Alexander Technique restores balanced posture, joints are able to work more efficiently. Better alignment also makes it easier to balance the tone of muscles surrounding the joint, giving you greater stability and strength.

The Alexander Technique does not teach a system of exercise; rather lessons will help you to establish physical conditions that better support all that you want to do. As you feel more comfortable and secure you will find it much easier to stay active.

Alleviating Arthritis Pain and Discomfort: How the Alexander Technique can Help
By Glenna Batson, PT, MA